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Temporary stay card

We will prepare all documents

Temporary stay card for foreigners

You may apply for a temporary stay card if, due to certain specific circumstances, you would like to stay in Poland for longer than 3 months. Said card is issued for the period of 3 years (at max). Its expiration date may be shorted if the legal basis points to the possibility of a shorter stay.

While issuing a form, foreigners’ fingerprints are also taken. It is one of prerequisites to obtain the temporary stay card.

The abovementioned requirement does not apply to foreigners:

  • who have been no older than 6 on the day of form issuing,

  • taking fingerprints from whom has proved to be impossible,

  • who have been applying for a temporary stay to be able to reunite with their families,

  • who have been outside the borders of Poland on the day of form issuing,

  • who have presented a from issued by a hiring company, asking to grant such foreigners permit to stay in the country temporary in order to perform tasks within the company or to be able to take advantage of the mobility of managerial level employees, professionals, or workers undergoing a traineeship within the company.

Support in obtaining the temporary stay card

If you are a foreigner and would like to work in Poland or to open your very own business, our agency will prepare all the required documentation, as well as will guide you through the entire process of obtaining stay and work permits.


The very first step

is legal consultation pertaining to the process of obtaining the temporary stay card, during which we will help you find the best possible solution basing on your legal situation. We will discuss all the key formalities and organizational matters with you as well.


The second step

is to collect all the necessary data and pieces of information allowing to fill in forms and documents. Our agency will prepare and help complete all forms required to be provided with the temporary stay card.


The third and final step

is to take care for the issued forms to be presented to proper authorities and approved. In the case of application rejection, our representatives will help you file a complaint to the bodies responsible for rejecting it.

Please note!

The stay card, while valid, confirms the identity of the holder and allows him or her to cross the border when needed without the necessity of presenting visa. The discussed permit expires on the day of being granted yet another temporary stay card, permanent residence card, long-term EU resident stay card, or Polish citizenship.

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