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We understand how difficult it is to acclimatize an employee in a new place, away from home. We are aware of the challenges and problems this may involve. That is why we offer comprehensive help and support from the very beginning.

We take care of all necessary formal matters related to your stay and work. Starting with administrative and legal services, after getting acquainted with the current situation, culture and customs. We provide airport pickup, help finding a place to live. We take care of all organizational and formal issues, we take care of official matters.

We provide so-called information package, which includes a map, details of attractive and needed places, useful telephone numbers. We have also prepared a set of practical tips covering all basic needs related to everyday life and work. This is not all, of course.

We will negotiate the terms of the contract with your employer on your behalf, we will set all the details, combining your needs and expectations of the future employer. If necessary, we also offer housekeeping, a housekeeper or a babysitter, which you can choose yourself.

We organize all legal and administrative facilities. We help in opening a bank account, completing immigration documents, visas, social security number, tax identification number, registration, residence card, etc.

If necessary, we help in finding a kindergarten, school and other educational institutions.

At your request, we look after the place of residence, maintaining cleanliness and quick help in the event of any technical failures.

All this is that you can adapt in new conditions in a short time and without fear. Our help does not always look the same. We try to adapt it to individual expectations. That is why we invite you to contact us. Tell us about your situation, plans, problems, needs and let yourself help!

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Santina Sp. z o.o.

11/13 Robotnicza Street
Room 23-26
Warsaw 02-261

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Aside from direct support and assuming key responsibilities connected with employment organization, we also provide the interested individuals with advising and consulting services. Legal, professional, and business advising are all our fortes. We can also help you with investment risk assessment, as well as with competition and market analyses.

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