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Employment of foreigners
Work permits
Legalization of stay in Poland

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Employment of foreigners
Work permits
Legalization of stay in Poland

Employee’s section

Employment agency that truly understands employees!

We are fully aware of challenges that are connected with recruitment process, especially when it comes to foreigners. That is why we would like to offer you our help on the very first step of your way. We will help you obtain the residence card, work permit, as well as will prepare all the required documentation that is strictly connected with your legal stay in Poland. Thanks to the support of our experienced professionals, you will undoubtedly find a job adjusted to your expectations, skills, and capabilities much quicker. We are here to help you!

Temporary stay card

Each and every foreigner planning on staying in Poland for more than 3 months may apply for the so-called Polish temporary stay card. Throughout the procedure, our expert will supervise the course of the proceedings and will promptly inform you about all the changes and decisions made.

Filling in vital documentation

It is quite unsurprising that foreigners may have remarkable difficulties with filling in the required documents and understanding the applicable legal regulations. We will help you properly and meticulously prepare all the vital applications and documents alike.

Work permits

Work permit is paramount if you want to work in Poland. As our experience has shown, acquiring it may be difficult and time consuming, especially if one tries to obtain it on one’s own. We will gladly perform a toll-free analysis and will prepare the complete set of documents for you.

Advising and consultations

Our consultants are at your disposal. If you happen to have any questions or doubts relating to administrative and legal procedures, documents, and applicable law regulations – contact us and take advantage of professional legal advice and individual consultations in our office.

About us

We are an employment agency that has been highly effective with regard to establishing relations between employees and employers. We help interested individuals realize their goals with benefit for all the parties involved. We organize and supervise the entire process from the very beginning till the very end, so you can be sure that all the formalities will be settled without any problems and that the quality of cooperation will be spot on.

Job offers

Check out the selected job offers available on our website. If you have not found any offer that you would deem satisfactory, contact us to discuss your needs and expectations with our representatives. We will do our best to find a personalized solutions that will meet your requirements!

Employer’s section

Employ a trustworthy and qualified staff!

Our major task is to efficiently support recruitment-specific processes within a given company. The scope of cooperation is always agreed upon basing on individuals needs and expectations of our partners. We help employers hire foreigners by assuming the responsibility for performing all the organizational and formal tasks. We propose employee leasing and outsourcing as well. We search for qualified candidates by opting for multi-level selection and then help the recruited individuals to accommodate to new conditions. It will all be exceptionally beneficial for your business!

Employee leasing

In few words, it can be claimed that employee leasing is based on renting workers that are currently employed in a different company. Said solution turns out to be highly beneficial, especially when it comes to the performance of a one-off task, when some substitution is needed, or if there is a dire need for a professional with highly specific certificates or capabilities.

Foreigner employment

Many people opt out of hiring foreign individuals due to the fear of being required to handle all the time-consuming formalities. Our agency supports such people in acquiring all the key documents, legalizing their stay, and allowing them to work in Poland thanks to our practical knowledge and experience.

Cooperation terms

We are familiar with the specificity of the branch we operate in, we are experienced in the field, as well as value and respect all the partnerships established. We also know that business requires tailor-made and flexible solutions adjusted to the expectations of both the employer and the employee. That is why we focus on individual approach and comprehensive support.


We will search for a qualified staff and support you in the organization of the entire process. The choice of employees is based on multi-level selection which ensures that the skills and predispositions of the selected candidates are in line with your needs.

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Aside from direct support and assuming key responsibilities connected with employment organization, we also provide the interested individuals with advising and consulting services. Legal, professional, and business advising are all our fortes. We can also help you with investment risk assessment, as well as with competition and market analyses.

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