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Advising and consultations

Our specialists will be happy to advise and help in any particular situation

Our professionals will be at your disposal throughout the entire cooperation period. If you happen to have any doubts or questions pertaining to documentation, legal and administrative procedures, or the service itself – we will be glad to help you. We will translate key pieces of information to your language and adjust their scope to your individual situation and capabilities.

We are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field. What is more, we are up to date with all the law regulation-related changes and amendments. We have developed approaches and solutions that yield satisfactory results. Thanks to said fact, our advices and consultations will be the source of valuable, unique knowledge to you. They will make it remarkably easier for you to understand certain phenomena, as well as to plan further steps and actions. We would like to inform you that our advising-oriented services go far beyond the topic of employment. Below, all the fields covered by our consultation-related services can be found.

Scope of our consultations:

  • stay of a foreigner in Poland

  • arrival and stay of foreigner’s family members in Poland

  • marriage with a Polish citizen

  • employment of a foreigner in Poland

  • company registration by foreigners

  • taxes in Poland

  • studying in Poland for foreigners

  • healthcare

  • real estates – lease, purchase, sale

  • importing goods to Poland

  • life and maintenance costs in Poland

  • claims, revocations, official applications

  • deportation

  • residence and long term residence

Obviously, those are not the only topics that can be covered during consultations. If you happen to have other questions or have not found a topic that is of interest to you, contact us directly.

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Aside from direct support and assuming key responsibilities connected with employment organization, we also provide the interested individuals with advising and consulting services. Legal, professional, and business advising are all our fortes. We can also help you with investment risk assessment, as well as with competition and market analyses.

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